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Insight LED receives award nomination for Research Excellence in technology and innovation.

Together with our collaboration partners Homita Consulting and First Principles, Insight LED Research Agency has been named a finalist for the 2023 Research Society of… Read more »

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How market research drives sustainable business growth

Incorporating market research into your marketing approach and strategy can enable businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions that lead to sustainable growth and success. Market… Read more »

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Fluid Culture – Trend Drops April 2022

Recent disruptive events made us obliged to deal with uncertainty, complexity, and chaos in new levels. In a scenario where nothing is certain, a Fluid… Read more »

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The Tipping Point Era – Culture of environmental sustainability in Australian life

During the past 2 years, global challenges have radically transformed our lives, leaving changes that are undeniable and will be with us for the long… Read more »

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The Great Reboot – Cultural impact of COVID-19 on Australia life

Some say that COVID-19 was the reset that the world needed; a chance to stand still for a moment and reflect on what is important… Read more »

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Marketing to women? Then stop marketing to women.

Have you noticed something lately? It’s all about equality. The conversations in mass media about equality, gender and gender stereotypes are getting louder and louder.… Read more »

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Localisation Trend: Size doesn’t matter

Small is in. Big is out. When it comes to shopping, less is more as consumers are turning to small  retailers to save time, often… Read more »

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The ‘Retailtainment’ effect – 5 insight LED principles for success

As the world becomes increasingly digitally connected,  shoppers are craving a real live retail experiences. With product and price available at our finger tips, shoppers… Read more »

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10 Reasons we love Online Forums

There are many real benefits and advantages to using online qualitative research over traditional face-to-face focus groups. In fact, in today’s tech savvy world where… Read more »

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