“We have worked with Truth-Serum on a number of projects during the last 12 months, including the repositioning of Homy Ped footware and the Melbourne Racing Club  Spring Racing Carnival. Both were challenging projects and the insights have contributed significantly to the development of effective and efficient advertising programs. Truth-Serum will continue to have an ongoing involvement with both clients.”

David Trussler, Managing Director, The Faith Agency

Great job in the presentation. We really got a lot of good stuff out of the research and I think we have some really clear direction and alignment. Also, from my perspective I found you a pleasure to work with!

Hayden Turner | KRAFT Foods

“Tyrepower had never before conducted consumer research. I found Truth-Serum very engaging and interested to learn about the Tyre category. This made the whole build process and the turnaround for the research smooth and fast. The results were well presented and gave us new insights into which consumers are our target market.”

David Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Tyrepower Australia

“Thank you for the work and the report, it’s very interesting and will be very helpful for us in our future plans. It’s also very well presented, clear and easy to read. So thank you for that”.

Annie Butler | Assistant Federal Secretary | Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation

The 5 pillars of Insight LED

Strategic approach to research

We apply strategic rigor to the market research process to identify relevant and actionable insights. We start by conducting an audit and analysis of the category, brand and consumer to identify knowledge gaps, and deliver a fit for purchase research approach. Our research approach works in synergy with creative.

Fast, focused & cost- effective

And with the pace of change that’s happening today, we understand the need for fast, cost-effective insight solutions. We know you don’t want another thick wad of information to file, but rather need clarity on specific issues. We deliver focused outcomes aligned to your business needs.

Evidence-based insights to champion change

We deliver insight led solutions based on evidence and truths to build relevant motivating and differentiated brand strategies and campaigns. We believe in talking to the right people, at the right time in the right place.

Relaxed environments to fuel conversation

We engage consumers where they feel comfortable, using innovative qualitative & quantitative techniques. When people are relaxed and comfortable in their environments they are more honest and open about their feelings and opinions.

20+ years of unique industry experience

Our unique approach draws on over 20+ years experience across research, advertising, digital & brand strategy, delivering a strategic perspective in the interpretation of research data into relevant and actionable insights.

Our Team

Insight LED
Lainie McMinn


Insight LED
Tina Landsberg

Senior Research Consultant

Insight LED
Clarice Garcia

Strategist + Trend Forecaster

Insight LED
Lisa Gercovich

Data Designer

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