The Tipping Point Era – Culture of environmental sustainability in Australian life

During the past 2 years, global challenges have radically transformed our lives, leaving changes that are undeniable and will be with us for the long term. Extreme weather events and COVID-19 have shaken our social, economic and political systems to their core reminding everyone that the climate crisis is unfolding in the here and now.  Amid this upheaval, Australians are more aware of the importance of making decisions to help save the planet, and are less complacent.  In shared sentiment that is not only needed, but it is urgent, to redefine the trajectory of the future, rewrite the rules of politics, and pursue some tangible and real change.

A 2020 World Economic Forum survey found that 86% of 21,000 respondents among 28 countries would like to see more sustainable and equiatable products in the post-pandemic market.

According to a 2021 global PWC study, 60% of Millenials choose companies that are conscious and take efforts to protect the environment.  Further evidence through a global report by MasterCard shows that 58% of consumers are more aware of their ecological footprint since the pandemic and 85% are willing to take personal action and change their behavior to address the climate emergency.

The message is clear, we are all accountable. Governments, private companies and individuals must change for the better, we are all part of the solution. There is no time left for false or empty promises, as Greta Thunberg said, we can longer believe in the ‘blah blah blah’. We need to take responsiblity now and act now, the time for brands and companies to make real change towards better will be a positive win for consumers, for brands and for the environment.

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