5 Reasons to start with insight-led design

insight-led design

Insight-led design principles are more than buzzwords.  Marketers can significantly increase their chances of success and ROI for new products and campaigns, driving sustainable business growth.

Here are 5 reasons to start with insight-led design:

  1. Meet Buyer Needs: Understanding your audience at the beginning of the design process through insights, data and market research ensures that your packaging, products, and campaigns are developed to meet customer needs and preferences, leverage category drivers, and address barriers and pain points.  Companies that prioritise customer experience revenue increased by 10-15% and reduce costs by 15-20% within two to three years. (McKinsey & Company – The Business Value of Design)
  2. Relevant and Authentic Messages: Leveraging insights uncovered through market research will help you identify what motivates customers in your category and pinpoint the factors that drive engagement with your offer. Your design will embody relevant and authentic messages that resonate with your buyers, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.  Businesses that use consumer insights have 1.5 x higher growth rate compared to those that don’t (Nielsen – Consumer Insights Drive Growth)
  3. Reduces Risks and Design iterations: Starting with insights and data helps minimize the need for extensive design iterations by ensuring that initial design concepts and ideas are grounded in a deep understanding of your customer needs and preferences, which also reduces the risks of costly market launches.  Companies that prioritize insight-led design principles and incorporate them into their development process see a 32% increase in revenue growth compared to competitors.  (McKinsey & Company – The Business Value of Design)
  4. Inspires Innovation and Market Opportunities: Insights and data enable designers and marketers to identify emerging market trends, gaps, and opportunities, allowing them to develop innovative solutions that meet evolving consumer demands.  IBM’s annual survey of global CEOs found that 83% of CEOs believe that better insights into customers’ needs and behaviours are critical for identifying new market opportunities. (IBM – CEO Study)
  5. Optimises ROI and Chance of Success: Insight-led campaigns, designs and products result in higher ROI by ensuring that marketing efforts are targeted towards the right audience with the most effective messaging, that is meeting customer needs and category drivers.  A study by Forbes found that companies that adopt data-driven marketing strategies are 6 times more likely to be profitable year-over-year. (Forbes – Data-Driven Marketing Report)

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